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true but I have often pondered on if there is a God or not and I still can’t come to a conclusion. My 

Dad detested religion and belived it was evil and the Cause of all Wars. I couldn’t really Argue about 

that but I like to think I’m respectful of others beliefs and I think religion is used by political people that 

use others faiths to do their Dirty work for them. 

Well that’s my worst I’m sure others could dig up plenty of Dirt and could pull out lots of stuff but I can live 

with it I left home at 15 and ended up in lots of situations and had to make money to live on,that I will 

save for my book Rofl 🤣 how am I going to write a book this has taken 3 long nights to write this.

The crazy thing is I have Alexa, Google and Siri but I find it so embarrassing asking them to do anything 

Alexa doesn’t seem to get on with Hue anymore and tells me he won’t turn the lights on or off but he does, I 

get told off for saying Please  and Thank you to Our Virtual assistants.

This Website has been a Scary Process it would be great if I could read the stuff because they give you lots of great 

information on this one I’m just hoping  they have Videos too.It will probably end up being Beautiful to look at when I figure 

out how to use it at least I hope you will find it so I have started Bootcamp for Coding Using this model so that could turn 

pout really good I hope I need to dig out Cortana Baha ha Night Night Peeps 💜🤞