Blue Flower

I am scared to write this in case I  don't like it, I should have planned this before I started what's really bothering me is the lack of Pictures.Well the reason its called 25Carotplastic is because I have been around a long time, I have been broke several times, comfortable for a while and really doing quite nicely for a short time the reason it wasn't too long is that I was miserable after remodeling my Flat after living in it quite comfortably for about Eight years unmodeled I was concentrating on my Career and took on a much "better" job which paid loads more but it also drained my Soul. 

It was quite good at first, it was the Job I set my heart long before I got it, I actually went and trained as I knew it was coming and actually had a hand in remodeling that too long before it was even my job, it was going to be mine I was determined partly beccause there was nobody that could be more qualified for it I had a special background in the organisation I was local I knew the connections one would need to know to explain it to the others that would be working there with me, I also pursuaded my friend who was perfect to be my boss she didnt have the specfic experience in the company she would be ideal in my head to be the Project Director which was more the Admin and going out and selling it to every body else, icluding the people who lived in the little seaside town it would be in who had been so totally outraged That this place with Those people living in it so much hatred and outrage, she was diplomatic and Teacher trained, I worked  quite closely with her for several years she was a close friend and we worked well together she also had a lot of experience with the client group we suported each other well it was going to be perfect.